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If you need parts for your KR, have parts to sell or swap, want to buy or sell a complete bike or can offer services of specific benefit to KR owners, let me know and I'll put an ad on here for you - it won't cost you anything and I'll display it for as long as you like.  Send photos if you've got them and let me know whether you want me to display your email address and/or phone number, or whether you'd prefer me to forward enquiries on for you.  I'll consider ads for non-KR bits/bikes too if vaguely relevant or interesting.

Brake hoses and fittings by Classic Hoses Replica brake hoses !  Braided steel brake hoses are a common mod for just about any bike these days, providing increased performance and looks for not too much cash or effort.  But what if you're restoring an older bike and want to keep the original factory appearance without risking re-using the 20-year-old brake lines ?  Classic Hoses specialise in supplying quality brand-new hoses and fittings that match your originals.  Hoses are made to your exact requirements so you can specify different lengths or finishes if you want, or you can just send the originals for them to copy.  Prices vary but the set I got for my KR (see photo) cost 164 - that's for 3 front lines and 1 rear including all banjo's, bolts, protective springs and a full set of new bleed nipples, plus the refurbished metal pipes and postage.  Try getting the specialist double-ended anti-dive banjo's anywhere else !  To discuss your braking requirements, email Steve at   Classic Hoses  or phone him direct on 01289 386444 / 07980 308101 and please tell him I sent you.

exhaust end-cans by Milan Racing New KR exhausts !  Milan in Canada makes his own two-stroke expansion chambers and can do you a set for your KR.  He can also make you the alloy sleeves that cover the end-cans if you've damaged yours - new genuine ones are no longer available.  Also on offer are front and rear stands to fit the KR.  Prices are CDN$900 for a pair of exhausts and CDN$50 each for the sleeves, stands are CDN$60 front and CDN$80 rear (prices do not include postage).  I ordered myself a set of end-can sleeves for my own bike and I'm really pleased with them - check the photos to see how nice they look.  He even drills all the mounting holes and they fit perfectly.  If you're interested in any of these parts, email  Milan Racing  or phone him direct on 1-780-457-7531 / 1-780-405-0494 and please tell him I sent you. exhaust end-cans by Milan Racing

Workshop Manual     Workshop Manual     Parts Book     Owners Handbook

Reproduction factory Workshop Manuals, Handbooks and Parts Books now available for sale !

I had some professional copies made of the Workshop Manual, Parts Book and Owners Handbooks (thanks Darin !).  They were taken from the original Japanese-text manuals and proved popular - all I've got left now is a single Workshop Manual - let me know if you want it.  However, I've now done some not-quite-so-professional copies of my own English-text Workshop Manual and am making them available to whoever needs one.  I've also done copies of my Japanese-text Parts Book and this is well-worth having if you need to order parts or find out where something fits.  I've tried copying the English-text Owners Handbook too but I can't really make a decent job of it - however, if you must have one then I'll try it.

Complete  Workshop Manual  and  Parts Book  now available free online here !

The Workshop Manual covers the original 1984 A1 model with a small supplement to cover the specific changes for A2.  I have Parts Books for both the A1 model and the S (although confusingly it's marked A2).  I don't yet have a workshop manual that covers the powervalve system on the S, nor the KR factory tuning manual in Japanese.  By the way, I'm doing this as a service to all you KR owners who keep asking me for technical info - I'm not making any money out of it, just covering my copying and postage costs.  Anyone who would like to dispute copyright should be aware that we'd all be delighted to pay full price for the genuine articles if only Kawasaki still made them available...

Workshop Manual : A4, 116 double-sided pages packed with photographs, service data and exploded diagrams : 10.00
Parts-Book : A4, 32 double-sided pages of detailed parts breakdown diagrams with all part-numbers : 7.50
Owners Handbook : A5-ish, 48 double-sided pages of photos, diagrams and basic service info : 5.00

All prices shown include P&P within the UK.  Payment by cheque or cash ( only) - PayPal is fine too but contact me first for details.  I'll even take KR parts, brochures etc. instead of money if you like !  Email  KR250.ORG  with your address and I'll sort you out as soon as I can.  Additional P&P for overseas buyers to be charged as appropriate (it costs approx. 8.50 to send both Workshop Manual and Parts Book to Australia by airmail for example).

Wanted (contact KR250.ORG) :

I'm looking for the following parts, in new or excellent condition :

pair of fairing sidepods (green)     pair of fairing lowers (green/white)
fuel tank, preferably in original green/white     pair of bar-end plugs (2x 92066-1185)
upper exhaust heatshield (18018-1058)     exhaust heatshield sticker (56031-1367)
'DAMPING' bellypan sticker (56031-1391)     2x 'AVDS' fork sticker (56040-1131)
complete original-equipment toolkit (56007-1196)     Japanese-text factory KR250 tuning manual
'S' model head-gasket (11004-1139)     'S' model KVSS powervalve servo control box (21175-1055)
pair of 'S' model fairing-mounted mirrors (56001-1258,56001-1259)

I'd also love to find any of the original clothing/accessories you could order with your new KR :

KR250 factory options brochure
helmet     jacket     gloves     boots

Oh, and a KR250S, in black/red, 0 km's, still in the crate, cash waiting.  Seriously !

KR's for sale around the world :

Please note - all of these ads have been on here for years, and may no longer be valid.  Basically, I leave 'em on here until someone tells me to take it off or I know the bike has been sold.  So seller or buyer, please let me know if you want me to update or remove any ad.  Thanks.

   1985 KR250, nothing needed : Kev, Perth, Western Australia  (updated 06/05/10)

Kev's KR for sale Kev's KR for sale Kev's KR for sale Kev's KR for sale

   Green/white and red/grey KR's, some work needed, bikes can be shipped easily : Harry, Guernsey  (updated 08/11/08)

Harry's KR's for sale

  KR250, green/white, imported 1992, UK registered (C-plate), 27000kms, aftermarket bars, 5 former owners, last MOT'd 2003, Lancashire. (updated 25/09/08)
This is the bike that was on Ebay at the beginning of July, it didn't sell but I'm trying to help the owner find a good home for it.  Contact  KR250.ORG and I'll put you in touch with him.  See pics below :

Leigh's KR for sale Leigh's KR for sale Leigh's KR for sale Leigh's KR for sale Leigh's KR for sale Leigh's KR for sale Leigh's KR for sale Leigh's KR for sale

   Nice KR250 for sale, Australia  (updated 21/09/08)

   Complete running KR250, misfire - sell as easy project or may break for parts : Russell, Melbourne  (updated 12/08/07)

   Nice usable KR plus complete spare bike : John, NZ  (updated 28/02/07)

KR for sale at Jeff Hall Motorcycles Sheffield Jeff Hall Motorcycles in Sheffield (130 Langsett Road, S6 2UB : 01142 333116) had a KR on display in the showroom.  I went to have a look at it back in 2006.  It's Jeff's own bike that he'd owned for at least 10 years - he got it from some guy in Nottingham, he thought it was G-reg but can't remember.  It was in good condition - the upper exhaust heatshield was missing as was the 'unitrak' swingarm sticker, the mirrors were non-original and there were a few non-standard bolts on the motor.  There was a paint scuff on the front mudguard, one of the fairing handguards was crazed and the lower exhaust end-can was non-original and a bit scuffed.  But I've made it sound worse than it was, you won't find a better one for sale elsewhere these days - it's only done 6000kms.  It had last run a couple of months earlier when Jeff dug it out of storage, and he tried to fire it up in the showroom when I was there.  It ran, but ticked over on only one 1 cylinder and wouldn't take any throttle - that's a good sign, they all do that !  Jeff said he didn't mind if he sold it or not and mentioned a price of 2000.  It's difficult to put a value on it, I would have thought 1500 was nearer the mark back then but at the end of the day it's worth whatever someone's prepared to pay for it.  I mentioned it to quite a few people and I think this bike has now been sold, but not until 2011 ! (updated 23/10/11) KR for sale at Jeff Hall Motorcycles Sheffield

   Red/black KR, AUS$2200 ono : Abel, Western Australia  (updated 19/08/05)

   Customised KR : Phil, Kalamazoo  (updated 19/06/05)

   1984 KR plus spare bike, offers : Chris, Queensland

   KR project, AUS$600 ono : Kev, Melbourne

   KR250, AUS$800 : Bret, Australia

Always wanted : any KR250 new or used parts, complete or partial bikes, manuals, brochures, photographs, magazines, models, toys - basically anything to do with the tandem-twin.  If I don't want it, I'll probably be able to find a home for it somewhere else.  Contact  KR250.ORG.