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March 2010

What do you mean 'March', where are January and February ?  Erm, yes, sorry.  After 6 years faultless service, I've been having problems with my web/domain hosting this year.  The site was still live and my emails were still working but I couldn't make any changes or do any maintenance, and my domain shortcut redirected to a renewal page even though I've paid up front for the next 18 months.  At one point I was even looking into abandoning it all and setting up from scratch as KR250.COM or something, but normal service has been resumed and hopefully that will continue.

So there must be a backlog of pics and stuff to write about now then ?  No.  I fired up the KR last weekend but didn't take it out for a spin.  I actually borrowed the battery off it to help fix a problem on my TZR.  There had been a strong smell of petrol in the garage which I eventually traced to the KR - the new carpet has gone all wrinkly underneath it.  Lack of use causing a sticky float I suppose, serves me right for leaving the tap on 'PRI'.

I spotted a NOS clutch cover for sale on Ebay and couldn't resist it.  It was being sold by an Australian breakers, and when I asked about other parts he unearthed a tatty but undamaged silencer heatshield which I bought too - KR owners will know how hard those are to find.  I also bought a 'Plastex' kit which I've heard good things about in terms of repairing damaged bodywork.  I'll let you know how I get on with that when I try it.

There is nothing new to say about either the project bike or the red/black one I'm afraid, or even the parts bike which (I hope) is still tucked away safe in my parents garage.  They bought me another KR last week actually, a lovely 1/12th scale model of Anton Mang's 1981 KR350 racer !

NOS clutch cover Heatshield 1/12th scale KR350

May 2010

MOT time is approaching again.  Time for a test ride.  The front tyre was flat again, but the oil leak appears to have stopped.  And yes, there is still some in it !  The throttle cables are very stiff though, that'll need sorting.

KR250 2010 KR250 2010

October 2010

It didn't fail the MOT.  I didn't actually get round to taking it !  Regular visitors to this site (hello) won't be surprised by my lack of progress and my feeble excuses for not doing more with my KR's.  I'm currently considering selling all my other toys so I can devote more time to my bikes and this site.

Have a look on the  Events  page and you'll see that I did at least help arrange for a dash of lime-green to appear at the Stafford Show.  Where I also got Eddie Lawson to autograph my print of his Daytona-winning KR250 race bike.  And on the subject of works exotica, I've learned a lot about the stunning X-09 recently thanks to the excellent Japanese magazines shown below.

KR250 2010 KR250 2010

December 2010

Where did all that snow come from ?  Ah well, it's Christmas I suppose - time to sit in front of the fire with a beer, a big box of chocs and a copy of Mick Grant's new biography.  Cheers, and all the best for 2011 !

KR250 2010

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